"Of the countless yoga teachers I've had, Arezu is one of the few who stand out, and whose teachings have really stayed with me. Her style is eclectic, innovative and invigorating, while still being firmly grounded in tradition. Nearly every day I practice asanas that I learned from her. Arezu is a gentle, centered soul with a calming presence, supportive of all students regardless of where they are that moment, while also challenging them to advance. She thus embodies the essence of yoga."                  -John Tambornino, US Department of Health and Human Services


"I found Arezu's yoga class helpful because it trained my body and mind in a way that it was not use to.  Even in a few weeks I saw increases in my balance and flexibility. Arezu is my inspiration to continue practicing yoga today."
-Adam Bair, George Washington Rowing Team


"Arezu is a wonderful Kundalini yoga teacher. She is a kind and gentle spirit and is very knowledgeable about yoga. Although she is a young woman, she is very mindful of where her students are, and respects every ability level. I always enjoy practicing yoga with Arezu myself. As a Chiropractor, I feel comfortable recommending her classes. She watches the students and adapts the postures as needed, avoiding injury, and creating a space for healing and strengthening."
-Dr. Hilary Smith, Pediatrics


"I feel like God sent Arezu to us here in Los Angeles. I hope everyone will feel this incredible being the way I have. I left each class as if I was floating on air, with all my problems set behind."                   -Andrea Monroe, Owner, Little Green Birdy Bag


"Yoga class with Arezu is the only yoga experience that has met and surpassed my expectations. I yearn for a sense of groundedness and well-being, and I always leave her class feeling revived and renewed with a wonderful optimistic spirit. Thank You."                                                                                                    - I. Margot, Writer


"Arezu's class perfectly aligns with what is the order of the day! I came in feeling stiff and exhausted…her style, gentle spirit and thorough orchestration left me feeling open and uplifted."                                                                               -Sada Anand
Principle of Miri Piri Academy, where Arezu attended in India


"As collegiate athletes, we sought yoga (initially involuntarily) as an opportunity to increase flexibility and prevent the likeliness of injury, but 3 weeks in and we were counting down the days until our next class. Arezu tailored our regime accordingly and facilitated the team's progress every step of the way. We highly recommend her services."                                                  -Tom Nic, George Washington Soccer Player


"Thank you for an incredible class!!  I feel so blessed and feel so good after taking it!"
-Sarah Sullivan, Yoga Teacher at Archer School for Girls


"Arezu's Yoga class has been a wonderful experience for me spiritually as well as physically.  I had not taken Yoga in over 30 years and had wondered if I was capable at my age to start again.  Arezu's class is very gentle for beginners yet can satisfy any intermediate student.  She emphasizes "listening" to your body, to not exceed your physical limitations and get hurt. Yet, you really feel you had a good "work out" after the class and a great sense of peace.  She gave me the confidence to start Yoga again."                                                                                                                -Lauretta Grant


"In 2009 Arezu was the first freshman I had met at that time who came in as a freshman with a 200 hour RYT, which is incredibly impressive and something I had only known experience professionals almost twice her age to have at that point.  Her enthusiasm, professionalism, and experience were all very impressive to find. For 4 years she taught she taught regularly on the schedule, and happily jumped at the chance to teach Aromatherapy Yoga, and put more research and effort into it than anyone had before. From then on, she was the go-to instructor for that specialty class and twice a year taught it to a 60 person crowd (at capacity each time).  Her participant reviews were always very positive and she clearly cared a lot about her classes.  She also taught several private classes to GW Division 1 athletes, and helped develop and add that flexibility to their training.  Throughout the years I watched her grow and continue to challenge herself by taking on a Personal Training class and certification, a Boxing certification, and more.  Her ambition and drive is never-ending and I know she will continue to succeed in the world of fitness."                                     -Erin Maguire,
Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, GWU


"Thank you very much for your time and making my day so much better.  Your class was amazing.  All the guys in the locker room expressed how much they enjoyed your guidance and assistance in stretching a few extra inches. Your music was perfect for your class; It was a wonderful session"
- David Wachter, US Department of Veterans Affairs


"I have had the joy and satisfaction of practicing Yoga with Arezu, 2010-2011 in Singapore. I was part of her yoga group and I didn't miss one lesson. I am practicing Yoga since over 12 years, but Arezu showed me a complete new way of Yoga. She taught me new moves and brought me and my spirit to a very new level. We practiced indoors and outdoors, in the early morning or right before bedtime – she always knew the right moves.  We practiced sequences to wake up, to stretch really deep, for strengthening muscles; we made deep breathing exercises and did some meditating. The Yoga lesson always demanded parts of the whole body, as well as the mind. Arezu is very competent and showed everyone, depending of his or her level, how to move and explained it by showing every exercise herself and by helping you to manage it. She gets you to your personal boundaries and helps you getting better in a healthy, amazing way. I knew she observed everyone, to give every person the chance to do the exercise in the right way, but at the same time I never felt overstrained or watched. You feel always comfortable in what you are doing even if you didn't know how to do the particular exercise before. She herself is an amazing teacher and yogi. She is super flexible and knows so much about the human body and its needs. With her yoga background and her incredible positive spirit, I can't imagine a person more suitable as my personal yoga teacher. I experienced one of the most amazing yoga lessons in my life with Arezu." 
-Maximiliane Wolfi, Munich, Germany


"I stumbled upon a yoga class at The George Washington University where Arezu was teaching. I instantly liked the structure and how she taught the class, so I decided to take as many one-to-one private lessons in Washington D.C. The month of Icelandic volcano ashes over the northern and central Europe in 2010 will stay in my fondest memory due to many enjoyable and inspirational yoga lessons I took, as I made the most progress in my practice being stuck in D.C. I noticed overall more flexibility (in upper arms in the lower part of spine). Her teaching is full of dedication and her well thought out methodology is second to none, as it is easy to follow by a beginner as well as a dedicated long-term yoga practitioner. I can only highly recommend her."                           -Desiree Miloshevic, Internet Policy Advisor


"I had yoga with Arezu at 8a.m. in the mornings. Although it was mandatory for the soccer team. Arezu's class was calming and relaxing, turned out to be a great way to start the day! Definitely helped us [soccer team] a lot with our flexibility and core strength. Awesome, energetic person!"
-Farhan Khan, George Washington Soccer Player


 "This class increases my flexibility as well as relaxing me. I look forward to the class each week and I know I get benefits from it every time. "

                                                                                           -Mary Chaffee, Banker