Arezu teaches 5 different fitness formats:

1. YOGA:

Kundalini Yoga:

As a student of Kundalini since the age of 7, and the youngest certified instructor at 14, Arezu has adapted Kundalini into her everyday life. Although this form of yoga is less heard of, it is also referred to as the Yoga of Awareness. Kundalini yoga is mainly focused on awakening the "Kundalini energy" illustrated as a coiled snake at the base of one's spine, with the goal of uncoiling and rising to the crown chakra.
Kundalini Classes encompass:  Asana (with specific body angles, vigorous postures), Pranayama (with challenging breathwork- i.e. breath of fire), Chakra balancing, and Meditation (with mantras and mudras) designed to create a specific outcome. Be prepared to push yourself to your limit, and beyond!

Gentle/Relaxation Yoga:

A gentle fusion of different yoga teachings, that Arezu has put into one. This class includes gentle postures and rehabilitating stretch poses, breathing, as well as hands on adjustments during a longer deep relaxation. This class format is ideal for seniors who feel yoga is too challenging with poses, for people recovering from injuries, or simply for people who have had a busy day and just want to relax without much effort.

Kids Yoga:

Arezu has taught various "Kid Yoga" classes, starting from when she was in highschool and started their yoga club for the middle-schoolers to get into yoga. This format of class helps encourage kids of all ages to experience yoga through childhood stories and songs, learning animal named yoga poses. These classes help kids to develop and improve their flexibility, motor skills, strength, balance, concentration/focus (calming the mind) and their compassion/self esteem. It's also important to note, the benefit of introducing kids to relaxation and breathing techniques, as it will allow them to calm down, cope with stress and conflicts that arise.   A child who learns yoga will develop skills that will last a lifetime. Come and have your child learn about the joy of yoga at an early age.

Kundalini Flow:

Kundalini Flow is a class format that Arezu has created to fuse her two yogic lineages, Kundalini and Vinyassa. Kundalini focuses on awakening the "Kundalini energy" illustrated as a coiled snake at the base of one's spine, with the goal of uncoiling and rising to the crown chakra. Hence the class maintains the Kundalini breath work (pranayama), Spinal warm up asanas as well as the meditative end to the class; while also fusing Vinyassa's vigurous quicker paced flowing sequences. You leave the class pushing your limits, challenging yourself, connecting with your breath and feeling thoroughly stretched, invigorated yet relaxed all at once.


This class is a perfect fusion of the ancient teachings of yoga, with the more modern teachings of Pilates. What one practice lacks, the other accounts for, making the integration of the two a recipe for whole body health and harmony. This class will focus on precise movement, awareness of self, and utilization of the breath to foster coordination between mind, body, and spirit. We will flow through a variety of creative strengthening and flexibility sequences, always moving with intention and pausing at times for pulses and pilates toning. You will leave feeling invigorated, cleansed, and rejuvenated....and the next day perhaps a bit soar.

Vinyassa & Power:

Vinyassa is a vigorous, physically challenging and often heated (temperature) style of yoga, power yoga just speeds it up to make it more challenging and a quicker paced flow. Postures are linked together in flowing sequences connected by the breath to create a practice of continuous movement. Recommended for students with some yoga experience who can move through a Sun Salutation repeatedly and who are free of significant injury.  Depending on the students, these classes can be more challenging with core, or can be more flow focused with flexibility stretches, but regardless it is more challenging and invigorating.

Yoga BootCamp/Sculpt:

This class maintains the goals and benefits of yoga to reduce stress, increase flexibility and improve range of motion; while also focusing on increasing lean muscle mass, strong bones, and a quicker metabolism. The yoga flow, primarily Vinyassa format turns into a full body workout with the use of dumbells using weight lifting through yoga poses, plyometrics and cardio yoga. There are different weights to chose from, but take this class if you enjoy a hard work out and want to push yourself to your personal limit, the class is about listening to your body and feeling almost out of breath...yet walking away from the class feeling exhilarated, calm, refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed all at once.

2. Personal Training:


3. Zumba:

Wanna get fit, but not in the gym? Love to dance, but not in the club? Ditch your workout, and get ready to party yourself into shape! This Zumba class features exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats, as well as hip hop and any student song requests.  This is for all levels, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning effective and a totally exhilarating dance fitness party. It will have you moving, rocking and shaking the weight off, big grins on your faces and your energy soaring high. So come and lose yourself in the music. 

4. Aqua Aerobics:


5. Boxing- Pink Gloves:

Arezu has studied Ghatka and different forms of Martial Arts, however she is a true advocate for Pink Gloves Boxing (PGB) with their mind, body and soul integration; as their motto is, "helping to reveal champions from within eachother." This motto allows for each person's inner champion to be revealed through boxing, leaving each person feeling empowered in a safe, fun, friendly and encouraging community space, building healthy relationships that empower us to be our best and surround ourselves with like people. In this PGB formatted class you will develop powerful boxing skills in addition to a healthier, more confident you. You'll shed fat, tighten your core, tone your arms, burn your thighs, and knock the stress out of the day. Doesn't get better than that.


"Pink Gloves Boxing is a fitness program that delivers an amazing workout and an emotionally rewarding experience to small communities of powerful women. The fitness world is overflowing with great programs, but PGB is in a class of its own. Pink Gloves is the only program that puts a great deal of focus on social and emotional growth in addition to the amazing workout. Using the core movements of competitive boxing, PGB is a non- contact program for women who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Join us in changing the way we look at the world of fitness. Pink Gloves Boxing™ (PGB) truly is a movement towards a healthier lifestyle!"